List of 2021 East Coast Contests

Here is the list of “East Coast” (also included are some mid-America contests that aren’t super far) contests.

The contests that have an asterisk and are bold are northeast contests and count towards regional awards in the northeast (nationals also counts towards regional scores).

(updated March 2021)

April 29-May 2 Sebring 81 KSEF, Sebring, FL (southeast)

May 14-15 Mark Fullerton Memorial Bear Creek Bash KRMG Rome, GA (southeast)

June 25-27 Midwest Aerobatic Championships KSWT Seward, NE (South Central)

July 10-11 Michigan Aerobatic Open 3CM Bay City, MI (mid-America)

*July 16-18 Green Mountain Aerobatics Contest (GMAC) KVSF Springfield, VT (northeast)

August 21-22 Giles Henderson Memorial Challenge SLO Salem, IL (mid-America)

*August 28-29 James K Polk Open Invitational KHWY, midland VA (northeast)

Sept 4-5 Yooper Looper KSAW Sawyer International Airport Marquette MI (mid-America)

Sept 10-12 Ohio Aerobatics Open KEDJ Bellefontaine, OH (mid-America)

Sept 19-24 US National Aerobatic Championships KSLN Salina, KS


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