About IAC Chapter 11


JUNE 26, 2021 Join us at the FBO at KHWY to celebrate National Aerobatics Day! We will have BBQ and soft drinks available. Fly in or just stop by the airport. All are welcome. We would love to talk aerobatics with you. If you are interested in learning more about aerobatics, this would be a great chance to get some information. Or just come and hang out. 

Come talk to us and see our aerobatic planes out on the ramp.


IAC Chapter 11 serves the Virginia, Maryland, and DC areas. We have an aerobatic box at KHWY in Warrenton, VA.

You will often find us practicing most weekends when the weather is good and we welcome you to join us. You must be a member of IAC chapter 11 and have been briefed and signed off on the box procedures before flying in the box. See Aerobatic Box for more information.

Our yearly contest will be held Aug 27-29th, 2021 at KHWY-see you there.